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2011-10-16 19:26:08 by SeagullKing

So Wonders of the Universe episode 2 released yesterday. Around midnight EST, some very suspicious vote tampering occurred. The movie received 200 zero votes in less than a second. Frustrating, but the movie's score is already on its way back up.

I am still working on some animation stuff. In the meantime, I have a professional type facebook page for my acting endeavors. I plan on posting singing every weekend as well. Take a look!

See you soon,


2011-10-15 15:22:39 by SeagullKing

Hi Newgrounds.

I used to make movies here under the username LD1984 back in in the early 2000's. I am trying to take things a bit more seriously this time around (and that is difficult because I rarely take anything seriously).

Toonwerks released the second episode of "Wonders of the Universe" today. I was fortunate enough to voice a character for it. Take a look!

I have no idea what I'm going to do around here yet. I just wanted to say hello to whoever is bored enough to click my name in the credits of Wonders.

Take it easy!